Event design and styling is all about personalising your wedding and making it beautiful.

Our main aim for any event is to tell our client’s story and make his or her dreams come to life.

We are all about effortless and natural style, our events are known for the warm glow of candlelight coupled with the beauty of lush, loose floral. They are elegant yet understated. Every element is thoughtfully composed, while infusing personal touches that are unique to our clients. In essence, we want our brides to look back at their weddings 15 and 30 years later and feel that their wedding was timeless. The cornerstone of our design is the experience it creates, each surprising detail, every sensory encounter.

We’re all about the conversations and interactions born in the intimacy and effortless elegance of the ambiance. It’s the art of being able to create an atmosphere or mood that suits and represents you both.


We love talking all things weddings and events!
If you would like an appointment to discuss your wedding or event, please call or email us, we’d love to meet you!